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 Bandmaster Albert Webber - 1909-1911 
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Around 1909 leadership of the band changed, with Bandmaster Pond handing over to Bandmaster Webber. Albert Webber had first met the Army at Bridport, Dorset where he was attracted by the singing of Salvation Army words to a secular melody. Following his conversion he dedicated his natural gift of verse writing to the service of God, subsequently writing the words of over 600 songs, plus 150 musical compositions. Almost 100 of his works have been published, the most well known being Yesterday, today, for ever, Jesus is the same and Can you wonder why it is I love him so? for which he won second prize in the 1908 Army songwriting competition.

Having formed Bridport's first SA Band, Bandmaster Webber transferred to Boscombe in 1893, becoming leader of the first Boscombe songster brigade in 1904. He also held positions of corps treasurer and deputy bandmaster at Boscombe, and several other positions at Pokesdown.

Although much is known about his songwriting ability, little is known about his bandmastership. Being referred to as "Honorary" bandmaster, it is possible that he was never officially commissioned to this position at Boscombe.

In addition to his Army interests, Bandmaster Webber ran a house decorating business, was a life-long student of British lepidoptera, and a painstaking collector or butterflies.

BM and Mrs Webber

Bandmaster and Mrs Webber

The completion of a hundred years united service in the Salvation Army by Hon. Bandmaster A. E. Webber and Mrs Webber of Tower Road, Boscombe, was celebrated at the Army Temple, Norwood Place, Pokesdown on Monday.
Esau Christopher

Esau Christopher

Grandfather of current bandsman Tony Christopher, Esau signed his articles of war in 1910. He died, aged 37 in 1917.

Tony's mum was also dedicated at Boscombe on October 3rd 1909. Her parents (the Vatter family) were soldiers at Boscombe and her brother Reg was married - in uniform - at Boscombe. So, Tony's daughter Emma is a 4th generation member of Boscombe Corps.

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Esau Christopher
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