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Adrian Whittingham
1st Cornet
About Adrian ...
SA bandsman since
Joined Boscombe Band
Learned to play Cornet
Age 9
Favourite SA Music
The Holy War (Ray Steadman-Allen), The Present Age (Leslie Condon), The Kingdom Triumphant (Eric Ball), My Strength, My Tower (Dean Goffin)
Favourite non-SA Music
Rock/Pop (favourite band by far is Muse! The Killers, Biffy Clyro, Kasabian), Classic Rock, Classical, Brass Bands (YBS & Black Dyke), Film scores (in particular anything by John Williams), Jazz, Big Band
Aviation (I fly planes!), Movies/TV, Sports (Football, Motor Racing, Ice Hockey), Photography, Travel
Greatest Achievements (so far)
Running/Finishing the Flora London Marathon 2009, First solo flight in 2010, performing at the Royal Albert Hall in 2005, finding someone daft enough to marry me!!
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