Band Repertoire
Band Items
A Christmas Canon
(The First Noel)
Wiliam Gordon
A Christmas FinalePaul Lovatt-Cooper
A Gaelic BlessingJohn Rutter
arranged Ray Steadman-Allen
Above All
AgapeDorothy Gates
All GloriousDorothy Gates
All That I AmWilliam Himes
All to JesusEiliv Herikstad
Amazing GraceRichard Phillips
Angels Watching over Mearranged Joy Webb
transcribed Ray Steadman-Allen
Anthem of the FreeDean Goffin
Are You Joyful?Dudley Bright
As the DeerMartyn Nystrom
arranged James Wright
AscalonRalph Pearce
Ave MariaAnton Bruckner
arranged Kenneth Downie
Ave VerumWolfgang Amadeus Mozart
arranged Albert Jakeway
Away in a Manger (Normandy Carol)Robert Redhead
Be Still for the Presence of the LordDavid J Evans
arranged Andrew Blyth
Become Aware of HimRobert Redhead
Breathe on me, Breath of GodJames Curnow
Bred Dina Vida Vingar
Spread Your Wings
Scandinavian Traditional
arranged Howard J Evans
Cairo Red ShieldA. Stanley Raikes
Call of the RighteousLeslie Condon
Camp HappylandJames Anderson
Candlelight CarolJohn Rutter
arranged Chris Mallett
CarolcadeTrevor Davis
Cause for CelebrationWilliam Himes
Chassidic DanceHoward J Evans
Chorale & Prelude - BeethovenAlastair Taylor
Christ HymnRobert Redhead
Christ is AllHymn Tune
Christmas JoyErik Liedzen
Christmas March - Angel TrumpetsRichard Phillips
Coming Home!
music of reconciliation
William Thompson
arranged Kenneth Downie
Dance Before the LordPeter Graham
Deep RiverWilliam Broughton
Denn er Hat Seinen Engeln Befohlen (Psalm 91)Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
arranged Olaf J. Ritman
Ding DongRichard Phillips
Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg
Castle in the Sky
Norwegian Traditional
arranged Simon Kerwin
Ellacombe ChorniclesJames Curnow
Elsa's Procession to the CathedralRichard Wagner
transcribed William Himes
Fall AfreshDaniel Iverson
arranged Andrew Mackereth
Fanfare of PraiseRobert Redhead
Fanfare, Hymns and ThanksgivingDudley Bright
For our TransgressionsMorley Calvert
Full Surrenderarranged Howard J Evans
Gabriel's Oboe (The Mission)Ennio Morricone
arranged David Bertie
arranged Rodney Newton
GoldcrestJames Anderson
Greater ThingsOlaf Ritman
Hallelujah ChorusGeorg Friederich Handel
arranged Arthur Goldsmith
He Can Break Every FetterKenneth Downie
Heaven's GateAnonymous
arranged John Meredith
Holy, Holy, Holy (Nicæa)Ray Steadman-Allen
How Great Thou Art
Hymn Tune - Hanover
Hymns of Praisearranged Goff Richards
I Can Think of HimJoy Webb
arranged Leslie Condon
I Know Thou Art MineLeonard Ballantine
I Vow to Thee my CountryGustav Holst
arranged Ray Steadman Allen
I'll Trust in TheeEiliv Herikstad
I'll Walk With GodNicholas Brodszky
arranged Goff Richards
In Christ AloneScripture Based Songs
In Love for MeCarol and Jimmy Owens
arranged Philip Harper
It is JesusJoy Webb
arranged James Wright
JerusalemC. Hubert Parry
arranged Albert Jakeway
Joy Through the Ages
Dedicated to all those who have served in Boscombe Band
Now you are kept for good by the Shepherd of your soul
(1 Peter 2:21)
Howard J Evans
Joyful NewsErik Liedzen
Joyful, JoyfulScripture Based Songs
Let There be PraiseDick and Melody Tunney
arranged Barrie Gott
Light WalkBarrie Gott
LloydCuthbert Howard
arranged Bramwell Coles
Lo! He comes with crowds descendingarranged Howard J Evans
Lord Thou art QuestioningTrevor Davis
March - Bless our Army!Kenneth Smith
March - HeritageJohn Meredith
March - ReclamationPhil Catelinet
'Mid All The TrafficLeonard Ballantine
MotondoDonald Osgood
My All is on the AltarMorley Calvert
MyfanwyJoseph Parry
arranged Kenneth Downie
Never Fades the Name of Jesusarranged Howard J Evans
NimrodEdward Elgar
arranged Dean Goffin
Now Thank We All Our GodKenneth A Elloway
O Boundless Salvationarranged William Himes
O Come All Ye Faithfullarranged Howard J Evans
O Magnum MysteriumMorten Lauridsen
arranged Leonard Ballantine
O Valiant HeartsCharles Harris
arranged John Meredith
PaeanDudley Bright
Pastoral SymphonyRobert Redhead
Power of Your LoveScripture Based Songs
Prayer of ThanksgivingWilliam Himes
Precious FountainWilliam Himes
Procession of NoblesNikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov
arranged James Curnow
QuintessenceRobert Redhead
RAF March PastHenry Walford Davies
RamsgateEdgar Hollis
arranged Kevin Norbury
Reflections in NatureRobert Redhead
Ride on in Majestyarranged Howard J Evans
RosehillAlbert Jakeway
Shine Jesus ShineGraham Kendrick
arranged Richard Phillips
Spirit of the ArmyNorman Bearcroft
St Clementsarranged Howard J Evans
Star Lake 70Stephen Bulla
Teach me to DanceScripture Based Songs
The British LegionThomas Bidgood
The Holy WarRay Steadman Allen
The Joy-BringerKenneth Downie
The Light of the WorldDean Goffin
The NameMartin Cordner
The PioneersJames Anderson
The Red ShieldHenry C. Goffin
The Wonder of His GraceHoward Davies
The Wonder of it AllGeorge Beverley Shea
arranged Kenneth Smith
This I Know
To my friend, James Anderson, for his faith and courage
William Himes
To Regions FairNorman Bearcroft
To the Chief MusicianWilliam Himes
To the Glory and Praise of GodRobert Redhead
Tone Poem - The Kingdom TriumphantEric Ball
Treasures From Tchaikovsky (excerpts)Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
arranged Bramwell Coles
Troytearranged Brindley Boon
Under Two FlagsBramwell Coles
Victors AcclaimedBramwell Coles
Washington Salute 125Stephen Bulla
Who is He?Benjamin Hanby
arranged Richard Phillips
Word of GraceNorman Bearcroft
Barney Lawrence (Tenor Horn)CsárdásVittorio Monti
arranged Steve York
Barney Lawrence (Tenor Horn)DemelzaHugh Nash
Barney Lawrence (Tenor Horn)His Eye is on the SparrowLeonard Ballantine
Craig Snell (Cornet)Don't Doubt Him NowLeonard Ballantine
Craig Snell (Cornet)Gabriel's Oboe (The Mission)Ennio Morricone
arranged David Bertie
Craig Snell (Cornet)Glory To His NameEric Ball
Craig Snell (Cornet)Love Cannot FailJohn Larsson
arranged Michael Babb
Craig Snell (Cornet)Quiet TimeKenneth Downie
Craig Snell (Cornet)Share My YokeJoy Webb
arranged Ivor Bosanko
John Starkes (Euphonium)BravuraPeter Graham
John Starkes (euphonium)Song of PeaceDarren Bartlett
arranged Richard Phillips
adapted Ben Thompson
John Starkes (Euphonium)The Ransomed HostRay Steadman Allen
John Starkes (Euphonium)When He ComethHoward J Evans
Les Neish (tuba) and
John Starkes (euphonium)
The PrayerCarole Bayer Sayer and David Foster
arranged Luc Vertommen
Les Neish (tuba)CzardasVittorio Monti
arranged Jonathan Corry
Les Neish (tuba)FnuggØystein Baadsvik
Les Neish (tuba)Song for the SkiesPaul Lovatt-Cooper
Les Neish (tuba)The Higher PlaneStephen Bulla
Trombone EnsembleI Will Follow HimFranck Pourcel and Paul Mauriat
arranged Goff Richards
The Calvary TrackAlbert Orsborn
arranged Norman Bearcroft